The history of the vineyard of the estate begins in 1985 with the revival of 35 acres of a family vineyard situated in Koskina (Ancient Olympia) and mainly consisting of the Moschofilero and Roditis varieties. The family Liarommati get used to make wine with the traditional way, such as pressing the grapes with the feet. It was like a festival because all the relatives arrived there to assist the family with the harvesting and with all the proccess of the wine-making. Imagine all the women of the family into the big stoned winepress to “dance” on the grapes until to gather all the must (juice) in the wooden barrels.In our days the field of 35 acres expanded and the Kladeos river flows through the privately-owned vineyard, which now covers an area of 100 acres. This area now is planted with the local white varieties of Asyrtiko (Asserteko), Malagouzia (Malayousia) ,the noble red variety of Agiorgitiko (Ayioryeteko) and Avgoustiatis (Avyousteates), the French variety of Chardonnay Blanc as well as the foreign varieties Merlot and Syrah. The altitude of the vineyards is 120 meters. In this area there is a special microclimate which protects the vines from the extreme weather condition and has as result a stable quality production every year.