The winery Olympia Land Estate is located in a small village, Koskina, only two kilometers from the heart of Ancient Olympia. In the place where our ancestors 150 years ago began the cultivation of raisins and olive trees. Nowdays Olympia Land  Estate is a family winery that began to produce small quantities of quality wines in the early 2000, and since 2008 creates the modern winery of the estate. Following the family’s tradition at the blessed and sacred place of Olympia, the birthplace of civilization and Olympic Games. Once upon a time the ancient Greek people of Olympia made wines and organised symposiums, today the wine production of the estate is inspired at that time’s mores and traditions.


The history of the Estate’s vineyard begins in 1985 with the revival of 35 acres by the family Liarommatis, at Ancient Olympia, which is mainly planted with Moschofilero and Roditis varieties. Today’s vineyard of 100 acres, located at the most special and fertile valley of Olympia, which is flowed dy the river Kladeos. What makes the vines’ cultivation so special, is mostly the unique microclimate and teroir of the valley, which keeps away extreme weather conditions. That matter makes the quallity of the production stable. Vineyard is planted with the local white varieties of Asyrtiko (Asserteko), Malagouzia (Malayousia) ,the noble red variety of Agiorgitiko (Ayioryeteko) and Avgoustiatis (Avyousteates), the French variety of Chardonnay Blanc as well as the foreign varieties Merlot and Syrah. The Liarommatis family get used to make wine with the traditional way, such as pressing the grapes with the feet. It was like a festival because all the relatives arrived there to assist the family with the harvesting and with all the proccess of the wine-making. Imagine all the women of the family into the big stoned winepress to “dance” on the grapes until gathering all the must (juice) in the wooden barrels. The taste and flavors of our wines originates by the family’s loyalty on the ancestors’ secret for the vines’ cultivation.


The winery’s facilities consist of two buildings surrounded by the vineyard of the estate. In the first building one finds the production area, especially designed to welcome the grapes straight from the vintage, with all necessary modern equipment to produce quality wines. In the second building, a stone – built mansion, one can find the underground maturation cellar, where  the red wines age, as well as big wine tasting room where the visitor can unveil the secrets of the Olympia Land wines. Finally, products of the estate and other local delicacies are exhibited in the welcoming reception area of the winery for the visitor to enjoy.


The estate can accommodate groups of guests as well as individual guests, providing them with the unique opportunity to savour its products as well as local gastronomy either by the old well or by the verdant surroundings of the winery. Also the Estate is accessible for people with disabilities.

Following the “Wine Roads”, an action of which Olympia Land Estate partakes, the modern traveler can cross the most picturesque wine regions and be guided through some of the most renowned Greek wineries, which are open to visitors.

When we have groups or individual visitors we try to please and serve all of them. Priority is given to visitors who have booked for a tour, the other visitors that come without a reservation could be part of the groups or could wait for a while until to start an other tour.

Enjoy wonderful wines and Relax at Olympia Land Winery.

The Wine Tastings and Tours are only possible after receiving a confirmation mail for your reservation.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am to 15:00pm and Saturday 10:30am to 14:30pm. The Winery stay close on Sunday and Hollydays


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